Otogenetics Corporation RNA Seq

Whole Exome & RNA Next Gen Sequencing Services

Why Otogenetics

Otogenetics provides products and services for the applications of the next-generation sequencing. We have received the support of NIH STTR grant, are fully GLP compliant and CLIA-certified.

Otogenetics specializes in offering high coverage sequencing for panels of disease genes (research use only) or pathway-focused genes (e.g., whole exome of various species, deafness genes, cancer genes, cardiomyopathy genes, etc.) and apply NGS for RNA-Seq and profiling of epigenetic modifications of genomic DNA.

Otogenetics has processed tens of thousands of exome and large-scale targeted NGS samples. We have established a reputation of uncompromised high quality for our services/products by providing a written guarantee for every project and standing by our guarantee to our customers in every project.